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Their service with the warrant of possessions (evictions) is outstanding and they put our safety first by dealing directly with the tenant in moving them out of the property as quickly and quietly as possible.
Nothing is ever too much trouble for Drew and the team at Barclay MIS. We have had quite a few success stories that we wouldn't have had otherwise and don't know what we would do without them.
John Ahern Real Estate has been a client of Barclay MIS for over 20 years and have found them to be exceptional in debt recoveries and with their eviction services. We feel that they offer an extremely useful protection and recommend all our owners/landlords take out this service annually because in the majority of the cases the debt is recovered in full.
Most importantly to our landlords, we have recouped numerous outstanding amounts owed by defaulting tenants.
We have been using Barclay MIS for sometime now. We have found their service and support second to none, giving us and our landlords peace of mind with a 100% success rate.
We at LJ Hooker Southport use the services of Barclay MIS, they not only assist us with our rental arrears control but with payments of water usage and other tenant related outstanding accounts.
Barclay MIS always continue to work on and are very persistent in recoveries.
Our office has used the services of Barclay MIS for more than 16 years now with immense success.
The contact that we are provided with progress reports is great as it keeps our owners informed that they are still working in making contact with a prior tenant regarding their outstanding funds.
The products and services they make available to assist in making our jobs as property managers easier are excellent and the ongoing contact and support invaluable.
KBR Property Sales & Management have found the Barclay MIS Protect & Collect Plan to be an extremely valuable service for our clients. Not only is it a beneficial in recovering money from defaulting tenants, but it has proven to be extremely effective in assisting us with ongoing arrears control. Their customer service and communication is also excellent.
Fast, efficient & successful recoveries. Every landlord should have the cover. Hassle free eviction process.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Barclay MIS to anyone wanting assistance with debt recovery, no matter how big or small the debt!
Barclay MIS has located several vacated tenants and we have received substantial payments for our landlords.
David thank you for your prompt and courteous service, I didn't think that I need assistance with debt collection but you proved me wrong, and in a difficult situation collected 100% of the money we were owed. A job well done! Many thanks. Chris Goodway Managing Director
The Rent Roll Broker
Barclay MIS Protect & Collect
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